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Migraine Headaches and My Silver Fillings
Written by Sam Hozan   

 Sam Hozan Testimonial:

I just want to say a special “Thank You” to Dr. Chester V. Clark, Jr. and to the dental staff at Amity Gentle Dental for removing and replacing all silver fillings with white composite fillings. I had 9 silver fillings that I was extremely concerned about, especially after discovering the dangers and risks behind silver mercury amalgam fillings.

I have suffered hundreds of severe headaches and migraines during the past years of my life, and had taken every precaution I could to avoid these spontaneous headaches and migraines. Some of the headaches and migraines were so severe at times, that I ended up taking up to 8 of the 500mg Tylenol pills a day. I soon realized that this was a dangerous alternative to dealing with the pain and, in the long run, excessive use of Tylenol would eventuality impact my liver.

I knew it was time to deal with the root cause of my headaches and migraines instead of treating the symptoms. It was quite difficult to pin-point the root cause of these headaches and migraines until one day, I had a discussion with my sister Anca, who currently works as a dental hygienist for Dr. Clark.  After sharing with her my frustrations and methods of trying to figure out the root cause of my headaches and migraines, she asked me to do some research on silver fillings.

Once I began to research and learn more about silver fillings, I had discovered and learned all about the dangers involved with having silver fillings. I knew of many things that could possibly cause severe headaches and migraines, but had never thought about the concept of silver fillings being the root cause.

After spending a week researching everything there is to know about silver fillings, I was convinced that this could be it. Finally, I decided to take the big step of having all 9 fillings removed. This was accomplished in a few different appointments within a timeframe of a few months.

After each appointment, I began to feel better and realized that my headaches and migraines were slowly going away. With each appointment, my headaches and migraines slowly started to disappear. Right after my last appointment, when the last silver fillings were removed, I realized that I no longer experience any headaches or migraines, and I suddenly felt as if a great burden had been lifted from by life.

I realized that I can think more clearly and that I can make better decisions in my life than before. I no longer experience the headaches and migraines that were caused by silver fillings, and making the change to have the silver fillings replaced with white composite fillings was the best decision I have made.

Once again, I want to thank Dr. Clark and the entire dental staff at Amity Gentle Dental for the great experience and their support.

Sam Hozan


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