Hidden Mercury
Written by Chester Van Clark Jr_ DDS_ MPH   

Hi Dr Clark,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you taking my amalgams out for me. I thought the other Dentist had taken all 10 of them out some time back but he left a little bit in and put composite over it. I wondered why I was still tasting it at times because I was sure they were all out. That is until you did an x-ray on my teeth when I was just in for a check- up and you discovered that I still had a little bit left below the composite on one. You weren’t able to tell about the other nine until you worked on them. I was amazed that all nine teeth still had some left below the composite.

I was suffering with headaches every day for about 2 years. I thought it was allergies. So I was taking Claritan D to get rid of the headache. I couldn’t understand why I was having these, what I thought to be allergies, even in the winter when nothing was pollinating but as long as the allergy medicine worked I guess. Then an amazing thing happened. After you removed the amalgams my headaches disappeared. It has been almost one year now and I still haven’t had any headaches. And not only that, I rarely have to take any Claritan D even in the midst of allergy season because my congestion has really cleared up a lot. So the long and short is, I guess what appeared to be allergies, I now recognize to be those amalgams that are now out.  When I went for allergy tests over the years they always came up negative. I knew there must be some mistake because I had all the symptoms. That is until I had this work done.

I will never regret spending what I did to get them out because it was well worth it. Again thanks so much for recognizing that there was still some left and for removing them for me.

I hope others will benefit from this testimony.

Yours truly,

Tim Doyle

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