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Case History of allergies and autoimmune reaction
Written by Jan Jones   

Case History; Jan Jones


Allergies and autoimmune reaction have played a huge part in my life. Coupled with extreme stomach distress (diagnosed as IBM; irritable bowl syndrome), I was in a constant battle to ‘feel good’.


Through information given to me by a friend, I began to enter the world of “complimentary medicine, herbs, etc.” When all you get is a diagnosis, with no concrete information on dealing with it, feeling just absolutely awful just isn’t good enough! I was under the care of Dr. Orian Truss, who wrote the book “The Missing Diagnosis”. Dr. Truss treats his patients with Nystatin, and anti-fungal drug. I IMPROVED TREMEDNDOUSLY. In 1996 and again in 1998 I had two set-backs. I began to feel terrible, experiencing waves of nausea, pains in my ears, puffy eyes, low grade headache, rash on hands, stiffening joints, lack of energy, and flu like symptoms. I went to my doctor and he couldn’t find anything “wrong”.


It never occurred to me that my situation could be “tooth related”. In the spring of 2003 I had a crown put on a bicuspid. I immediately started my downhill slide again. The same symptoms! I began to devour anything that I could find to read on “Mercury Toxicity”. I went to Auburn University library and found a research type of booklet entitled “Candida and Mercury Toxicity”. There on the pages was m life story! I had over 18 mercury fillings in my mouth. I had my first filling put in my mouth when I was only three!


I decided to mention to my dentist what I had read, and how I was connecting it all. Big mistake! He treated me most disrespectfully and told me there could not possibly be a connection because I had had a crown put on my tooth in 1996 and another one in 1998.


A bell went off in my head. My two major autoimmune set-backs could be directly related to the occasion of having crowns put in my mouth!


I had gotten the name of Dr. Clark in Amity, Arkansas from a friend. She told me of two women in our area who had been to Dr. Clark and had their mercury taken out of their mouths. I phoned them and asked them about their experiences and if they had improved health-wise. They said they had improved greatly.


I then called Dr. Clark and spoke with him about my situation. He explained to me that the metal lining of the crowns could be causing a reaction with the mercury. He said the crown would probably be fine, if the mercury was removed.


I went to Amity and had the mercury taken out of my mouth. Immediately the next morning I could tell a huge difference in the way I felt. It has been a wonderful last year and a half! I am much improved. I have no allergies at all and my stomach situation is so much better.


I am still amazed about this entire situation! It really is hard to believe. I want to shout from the rooftops and tell medical professions to look into other reasons for illnesses. Not to be so closed minded! It’s to bad things are the way they are. One truly has to be responsible for their own health.


Jan Jones


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