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Integrative Dentistry - Dr. Bramley Birrer

Integrative Dentistry - Dr. Bramley Birrer 9730 3rd Ave NE. Ste 205
Seattle  WA  98107
Phone: 206-367-6453
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Integrative Dentistry is the biggest and busiest comprehensive modern holistic practice in WA, with patients coming from as far as Alaska, Oregon, and the other side of the state to see us. Of the very limited number of dentists who are SMART Certified for safe mercury amalgam removal in the state of Washington (there are only five), two of them are right here!

We are a scent-free office for chemically sensitive patients. Whatever your dental needs are, we can take care of it in a holistic, gentle, bio-compatibile way using natural or healthy alternatives wherever possible in a way that is totally responsible with how your mouth can affect your whole body. If you're looking for alternative care in dentistry, you've found it. Come check us out, say hello and Meet Dr. Birrer today!


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