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Dr. Mitchell L Marder DDS

Dr. Mitchell L Marder DDS 9730 3rd Ave NE. Ste 205
Seattle  WA  98115
Phone: (206) 367-6453
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Dr. Marder and Integrative Dentistry take pride in providing a broad range of holistic dental services making sure to consider your whole-body health as well.

Healthy Materials – We favor the use of eco-friendly and biologically compatible materials not only in your mouth but also our office.   In this way, the environment in which we work is safer and your body can better tolerate the materials useed to restore and maintain your teeth.

Whole-body Understanding – We are committed to finding the cause of your dental health challenges because we know that just treating the symptoms is a less effective and often short term solution. We’re interested in how your dental health affects the health of your entire body, and we’re passionate about promoting whole-body wellness.  Dr. Marder has done extensive research and continuing studies in a broad range of fields, including TMJ and pain treatment, orthodontics, safe mercury removal, nutrition, acupuncture, massage, and homeopathy, to name a few.

Quality Care – We spend time listening to you – your concerns, preferences, ideas, and questions.  Dr. Marder and his staff welcome you as a partner in your health decisions.  We hold that you are in charge of your body and of your treatment. Only by understanding fully your situation and treatment options, can you choose how to proceed with care.

Integrative Care - We integrate modern technology and the classic wisdom reflected in alternative care.  We also integrate dental care with other medical modalities, such as naturopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic care, and nutritional counseling.  We coordinate with your other care providers as necessary in order to improve your treatment results. 


Dental Services

Our practice focus and special training is in the following areas:

- Removing amalgam/mercury fillings in a safe manner to protect the patient from mercury exposure during the removal
- Orthodontics with a focus on jaw health and cranial balance
- Periodontal care: non-surgical to reduce infection and inflammation, so as to regenerate healthy supporting bone 
- TMJ and headache pain treatment
- Snoring and Sleep Apnea
- Ozone therapy
- Biologic Root Canals
- Cavitation diagnosis and treatment

In addition to our specialized services, our conventional care includes:

- Crowns and bridges
- Implant crowns
- Cosmetic veneers and whitening
- Routine fillings and preventive sealants
- Dentures
- Extractions



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