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Whole Body Dental - Dr. Daniel Ghorbani DMD

Whole Body Dental - Dr. Daniel Ghorbani DMD 1811 156th Ave NE, Ste 6
Bellevue  WA  98007
Phone: 425-553-4039 Website


Dental Services

We provide a wide variety of treatment for our patients  and focus on whole body wellness with healthy options:

  • Safely remove mercury fillings and replace them with biocompatible materials using the protocols of the IAOMT.  We can provide Oxygen at your request.
  • Implant surgery using either titanium or non-metal zirconium posts, and placement of the finishing crown.
  • Provide biocompatible materials for both dentures and partials at your request.
  • Safely remove teeth while focusing on healing the bone and tissue, and preventing future damage.
  • Use non-metal crowns and bridges for patient's who have a metal sensitivity.
  • We do not use fluoride, and instead, use a bio-available calcium and phosphate paste to prevent cavities and strengthen enamel.
  • Provide non-surgical treatments for gum disease.
  • We work with your naturopath/physician as a team!



Preventive and Restorative dentistry:

  •  Digital X-Rays to reduce the amount of radiation
  •  Dental cleaning / deep cleaning
  •  Fillings (we only use composite/resin materials)
  •  Crowns and Bridges
  •  Partials and Dentures including repairs
  •  Cosmetic Veneers and Lumineers*
  •  Teeth Whitening (including Bright Smile*, in office laser bleaching, take home whitening kits)
  •  Root canal treatment
  •  Nightguards
  •  Snoring appliances
  •  TMJ treatment
  •  Sedative dentistry


  • Braces
  • Invisalign*


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