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Dr. Paul Wilke has been practicing in San Antonio since 1980.  He is an accredited associate of the IAOMT, member of the IABDM and Holistic Dental Society and is an applied clinical nutritionist.  He is skilled, caring and professional in his approach to biologic dentistry keeping the patients health, well being and comfort first and foremost.

Dr. Wilke has become one of the first dentists in the United States to become Board Certified in Biological Dentistry. This certification is through the Board of Examiners of The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. (IABDM) The certification involves written exams as well as oral case presentations. This new designation indicates that Dr. Wilke has studied to show himself approved. (2 Tim 2:15). First and foremost, the main objective of biologic dentists is to do no harm. The practical application of this is to not knowingly place any substance into people that will cause harm. This would pertain to materials including mercury amalgam fillings, nickel beryllium metals, and procedures such as root canals. The further practical application of this certification is to properly and safely remove these materials and treat any infected oral areas in our patients.

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