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Honey Dental -- Dr. Melissa Santilli

Honey Dental -- Dr. Melissa Santilli 11350 US Hwy 380, Ste 140
Cross Roads  TX  76227
Phone: 940-228-2250
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We wanted to share with you what we do as a dental team. We take a lot of CE courses as a team to learn the best and newest techniques for dental health of our patients.  Dr. Santilli has met with Dr. Boyd Haley who is a main researcher on the effects of mercury vapor.  The reason Dr. Santilli is passionate about holistic dental care and mercury safe practices is because she became pregnant during dental school and having to work around hazardous materials (mercury filling was a requirement for graduation among many other dental materials with harmful vapors), she began to research how this would affect her unborn baby. After graduation, she found the IAOMT and joined immediately and learned about how to protect the patient, team, and herself from the dangers of mercury vapor during removal.

As she built her practice, she designed it with safety in mind. Our team is highly energetic, and we work really well as a team. The picture below is how we implement the safety protocol for mercury safe in our dental office so that the patient is covered from head to toe and there is no risk of them breathing or swallowing the mercury particulates and vapor.  We are passionate about what we are doing and we work hard to build long term trusting relationships with our patients.

Dr. Melissa Santilli

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Honey Dental is an holistic practice, very modern with up to date technology and always attending courses to continue education!

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