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Dr. Ellis L. Ramsey DDS

Dr. Ellis L. Ramsey DDS 9090 Skillman 267-A
Dallas  Texas  75243
Phone: 214-938-9551
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Concerns about the safety of amalgam (mercury) fillings have prompted many of our patients to replace them with durable, attractive composite resin. Dr. Ramsey uses a safe protocol for removing metal fillings to alleviate fears and restore oral wellness. At your checkup or new patient exam, Dr. Ramsey will assess the integrity of your existing fillings and inspect each of your teeth for decay. If you need a new filling or want old metal ones replaced, he'll custom-tint a small amount of composite resin and bond it into your prepared cavity. Composite resin won't warp or change shape, so it will protect your tooth for years to come.

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Dr. Ramsey stopped placing amalgam fillings 25 years ago. While amalgams were still commonly used at that time, Dr. Ramsey knew that they contained trace amounts of mercury , a harmful heavy metal. Since he wouldn't want mercury in his mouth – or the mouths of his loved ones – he decided that it was his ethical duty to stop placing amalgams in his patients' mouths.

Holistic Dentistry DallasAmalgam is a substance made from many metals in addition to mercury. Because some patients have allergies to silver, nickel, and other metals, Dr. Ramsey believes that metal fillings are not the best solution to cavity restoration. It seemed to him that a metal filling would only cause irritation and potential health problems for those patients with metal allergies.

For years now, dentists, patients, and governing agencies have debated the safety of amalgam fillings. In a recent statement, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changed their longtime standing on amalgams. Now the FDA's website states that mercury found in dental amalgams can have neurotoxic effects on pregnant women, children, and fetuses.

There are strong, effective, and aesthetic alternatives to amalgam fillings. Dr. Ramsey prefers to replace amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings or porcelain inlays and onlays.

And for patients who have metal fillings that they'd like removed, Dr. Ramsey uses a special protocol for amalgam removal. A dental drill can vaporize mercury, and without proper waste removal and contamination prevention, amalgam dust produced during filling extractions can become airborne and be breathed by everyone in the treatment room.

With a special vacuum system and safe procedures, Dr. Ramsey can remove amalgam fillings and restore your all-white smile with tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, or crowns.

Ellis Ramsey, DDS, INC

Holistic and Cosmetic Dentistry

9090 Skillman 267-A

Dallas, TX 75243


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