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Mercury Free, Biological, Holistic Dentists

Dr Kent E. White

Dr Kent E. White 2300 21st Ave S, Suite 103
Nashville  TN  37212
Phone: 615-383-6787
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Dr. Kent E. White’s expertise in aesthetic enhancement, restorative care, neuromuscular dentistry, biomimetics and laser treatment translates into comprehensive, long lasting and natural-looking solutions for his patients. 
He is constantly in pursuit of the highest quality of care for his patients
 As an instructor at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, he was also able to share his expertise in creating beautiful new smiles. While at the LVI, he taught and mentored the top dentists in the world in the science and art of aesthetic dentistry. Currently, about one percent of dentists pursues this level of training.
In Nashville and other communities he is still teaching dentists the value of conservative, metal-free dentistry, and how to rehabilitate a smile and straighten teeth using non-orthodontic alignment. Finally, he uses his background in neuromuscular dentistry to offer you proper balance for pain free function.

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