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Wellness Centered Dentistry

Wellness Centered Dentistry 4725 Village Plaza Loop
Suite 101
Eugene  Oregon  97401
Phone: 541-868-2008
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There are many dentists that claim to offer cosmetic dentistry services.  However, we’ve found after years of experience and successful work that our holistic approach, being centered on the patient’s needs, consistently yields better results and happier, healthier patients!   At Wellness Centered Dentistry, we offer you a different approach to dental care for adults in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, helping you develop and achieve dental health goals that are centered in a comprehensive plan for your total wellness.  We are a small practice, focused on treating the needs of adult dental patients, and provide relaxing and comfortable dental care that emphasizes taking the time to meet your needs, helping you to maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles.   As much as we are known for our warm and welcoming atmosphere, we are also known unique for our holistic dental services, providing an alternative for those patients seeking mercury-free dentistry solutions.

Many of our patients are very conscious about maintaining a natural-healthy-organic Lifestyle.  This can naturally lead to concerns about dental materials compatibility, chemical exposure, and treatment options that fit a holistic and natural philosophy.

We are committed to creating a healthy environment for all of our patients.  We are happy to discuss any or all of these topics with you and are committed to giving you all the information you need to make an informed health care choice.  We work with many of the holistic providers in the area and are happy to consult with yours about the best options for your health, or to provide referrals to local providers if needed.

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