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Peak Dentistry - Drs. Joseph and Gabrielle Ramellini

40 Nelson Street
Clyde  NC  28721
Phone: 828-475-8669 Website

Our concern is not just oral health, but total body health. We take the time to educate you and offer information that empowers you to be in charge of your own dental care.

Our beautiful, health-centered dental office was built with the needs of chemically sensitive patients in mind. The entire building was designed with non-toxic materials such as non-allergenic paint, carpet, and vinyl adhesives. The office is comfortable, designed to make your experience with us as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

We are so careful, so meticulous in our dentistry, that we receive referrals from naturopathic physicians and visits from patients all over the southeast.

Silver-mercury amalgams are composed of five metals, 50% of which is mercury. Over twenty years ago, researchers discovered that the mercury in amalgams slowly comes out of the fillings and is absorbed into the body over the lifetime of the filling.

Many people with good body resistance and a healthy immune system have amalgam fillings and show no adverse symptoms. Yet we are finding a number of individuals, diagnosed by their physicians, who experience various neurological and physiological problems associated with mercury buildup, as well as other non-compatible dental materials in their body.

There are three major problems associated with metals in the mouth:

  1. Mercury toxicity: This is our primary concern due to the buildup in the body of this highly toxic material. Mercury leaks out of amalgams in the form of a vapor, which is then absorbed into the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth and respiratory tract.
  2. Allergic reaction: Nickel is the metal that causes the most allergy problems. When someone cannot wear inexpensive costume jewelry, this is a good indication of a Nickel allergy. Yet Nickel is a common material in dental crowns, bridges and partials. We often find red, swollen, irritated gums; a burning sensation in the mouth or red tissue under the partial in patients who have an allergic reaction to the metal.
  3. Galvanism is an electrical current or battery effect generated in the mouth by dissimilar metals. Various neurological problems and headaches can be related to these electrical charges.

Mercury amalgam fillings must be removed very carefully to prevent mercury from being ingested and absorbed into the body. A rubber dam and special high speed evacuation ensures that this does not happen.

Many of our patients elect to remove their amalgams and upgrade their dentistry to tooth colored materials.

We provide quality dental care as efficiently and comfortably as possible. Since many of our patients travel long distances, longer well-planned appointments are utilized to do quadrant dentistry. This minimizes travel time and anesthetic injections, and allows us to do optimum dentistry very effectively rather than make appointments for one tooth at a time.

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