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Contemporary Dentistry -- Dr. Arlene Messer

Contemporary Dentistry -- Dr. Arlene Messer 2052 S Clinton Ave
Rochester  NY  14618
Phone: (585) 244-3337
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At Contemporary Dentistry, we treat the whole person, rather than an isolated symptom, through the use of natural, safe and painless methods. Our innovative approach to dental care focuses on the health and wellness of the mouth in relation to the whole body, including identifying and treating TMD (tempero mandibular dysfunction).

Our practitioners have been removing amalgam (mercury fillings) safely and efficiently for over 25 years. The process involves isolating the tooth with a rubber dam, and having our dental assistant use a high powered suctioning device, as the doctor removes the old amalgam filling. Our doctors also use a technique called "chunking", which allows the doctor to remove the amalgam by chipping it out, thus making the need for drilling minimal. In addition, as the amalgam is being removed, the DentairVac, will remove any airborne particles that leave the tooth during the process. Oxygen is also available during the process should you choose. Your old filling will then be replaced with a composite resin, porcelain or ceramic material. If you feel or suspect that you may have possible allergies to certain dental materials, we can have you tested (Clifford Consulting & Research is the lab we use, www.ccrlab.com) so that we know in advance what materials are safe for us to use in your mouth.

In addition to providing allergy testing, our doctors recommend many natural and herbal products that can be of help and serve a variety of dental needs of our patients. Our doctors are also trained in neuromuscular dentistry to help those suffering from TMD related disorders, affecting not only the jaw, head and neck, but also many other areas of the body. To insure that you are exposed to the least possible amount of radiation, our office is completely digitized (90% less than the old, conventional method), which also eliminates the need to pollute our environment with developing chemical solutions.

Our goal is to restore balance and harmony to more than just your smile!!

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