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Dr. Hank Barreto, D.M.D

Dr. Hank Barreto, D.M.D 135 San Lorenzo Ave
Coral Gables  FL  33146
Phone: 305-648-4998
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Whole Body Dentistry for Whole Body Health

We practice only whole body dentistry. One aspect of this new approach to dentistry is a dedication to be mercury free for the health of your body and the sparkling whiteness of your smile. We offer biocompatible materials for those who are chemically sensitive or concerned about the health risks associated with other types of restorations. We can arrange for allergy and sensitivity testing and the formulation of special materials for your teeth.

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We consider very carefully, the type of metal tube we choose when building homes or any building construction. What about the metals in our mouths? We all know metals are used to fill teeth. Most people don't consider what types of metals are used to fill their teeth, like they do when building their homes.

"I work for the Gas Company, and if I put copper tubing next to a galvanized iron, steel or other metal tube, I'd get fired," said Gary Webber.

Gary, my patient who worked for the Gas Company in Southern California, made this statement. He went on to say this would cause a dissimilar metal corrosion that would lead to rot where they contacted. Without knowing or having considered tubing made of different metals for homes, what he said made sense to me. I was explaining the difference between all the metals and filling material choices for fillings and crowns in the mouth when Gary offered this analogy to me. He asked, "Do dentists put different metals in the mouth next to each other so they contact?"

Yes they do, was my answer.

There are many metals used for dental restorations, including crowns (caps) and fillings:

* Aluminum (used rarely)
* Cadmium
* Cobalt
* Chrome
* Gold
* Mercury
* Nickel
* Copper
* Palladium
* Platinum
* Silver
* Zinc

A study published in the Journal of American Dental Association in 2003 by Richard Walker, entitled "Galvanic Interaction Between Gold and Amalgam, Effect of Zinc, Time and Surface Treatments" reports that "contact between gold and dental amalgam restorations in the oral environment may elicit sensitivity from galvanic current flow between the two restorations.  Read More

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