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Mercury Free, Biological, Holistic Dentists

Dr. Dennis Kudlik DDS

100 N State College Blvd, Ste A
Fullerton  CA  92831
Phone: (714) 526-2860 Website

Holistic - General - Cosmetic Dentistry

Biological friendly dentistry for the whole family. 

We perform all phases of general and cosmetic dentistry.  The biggest thing that sets us apart is the fact that we have a more holistic and biologically friendly dental practice.  Some people hear the word “holistic” and think tree-hugging, voodoo, quackery, (and believe us, there are some of those out there), but at our office, it is about material biocompatibility, logic, and our open-mindedness to alternative treatments beyond the traditional Western Medicine taught to us in dental school. 

Beyond being a MERCURY FREE dental office, we are a MERCURY SAFE office.  There are many mercury free dental offices in existence, but most of them are cosmetic dental offices that just think silver-mercury fillings are ugly.  We are conscientious about mercury’s toxicity, and treat these fillings as hazardous material.  We use a special protocol when removing amalgam fillings to prevent ingestion and/or inhalation of mercury and its vapors. 

The blood that flows through our gum tissue circulates throughout our entire body…spreading pathogens and their toxins to other tissues and organs.  Chronic periodontal infections have been linked to Stroke, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and some forms of Cancer. 


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