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Dr. John E Augspurger DDS

455 South Hudson Street
Suite 201
Denver  CO  80246
Phone: (303) 333-9000 Website

What is Biological Dentistry?

I''m Doctor John Augspurger of BioDentist and I''m a biological dentist. We also use the term holistic dentist, natural dentist, and organic dentist.

What makes us different from other dentists is we look at the reasons why you have dental issues and design your dental experience to address those issues. This ultimately improves your dental health and thus your overall health.

Our Approach to Dentistry

The basis of biological / holistic dentistry is that everything in your body is connected to everything else. Our bodies run as an intricate, coordinated system.  When we are healthy our bodies are much more resistant to dental disease.  And conversely, when a person is not healthy, they will be more prone to disease and dental disease is just one of them.  A biological dentist works with YOU to improve everything in the body by improving your teeth.... specifically the microcirculation, lymphatic function, blood flow, oxygenation, and the health of the bone and supportive structures. Our primary approach is aimed specifically at connecting the dots with the rest of the body and looking beyond the traditional "one tooth" approach as we improve your dental health, and thus your overall health.  And, we always opt for the least invasive and least toxic methods of diagnosis and treatment.  All that combined with the latest technology, most up-to-date training, modern facility, and a doctor and staff that are caring and loyal.

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Here are some of the advantages we offer you:

  • A thorough understanding of what''s REALLY going on in your mouth
  • A doctor with 21 years experience in dentistry, and 35 years as a lab technician
  • A dental team that is loyal and dedicated, and who have been together for many years
  • Personalized care and attention
  • Outstanding quality, well above and beyond the typical insurance-driven, high volume dental factory
  • Mercury capturing system to minimize release of toxic waste to the environment
  • Bio Compatibility testing for dental materials
  • Negative Ion Generators to treat the air we breathe
  • Dental Dams to prevent the swallowing of anything harmful
  • Strict safety Protocols
  • All work done under high power magnification
  • Latex Free
  • Fluoride Free

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