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Dr. Cyrus Bandary DMD, AIAOMT (Accredited)

Dr. Cyrus  Bandary DMD, AIAOMT (Accredited) 6325 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Ste 510
Woodland Hills  CA  91367
Phone: (818) 992-0756
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My Philosophy
As a modern biological dentist, accredited member of IAOMT, I believe that there might be some affects on the body as a result of dental treatment and materials used.  These affects are often difficult or impossible to determine and are often ignored.  Whether performing restorative and cosmetic cases or simply performing routine teeth cleaning, I use proper and safe techniques and biocompatible materials of the highest quality for use in our office on a regular basis, in the attempt to minimize or eliminate these iatrojenic problems.  
Accredited Members - accridation by IAOMT indicates that a member has been trained and tested in the basics of biocompatible dentistry, including current methods for safe removal of dental amalgam fillings.


  1. Mercury free dentistry: Porcelain filling, Inlay, Onlay (Voco (Admira), Diamond Lite,Diamond Crown Bell Glass "Premise by Kerr, Holistore by Dent matt)
  2. Non-metalic crown and Bridge:  Zirconium oxide, Procera, Lava
  3. Non-metalic removable partial denture:  Flexite, Valplast

Eventhough we use biocompatible materials it is very difficult to be 100% sure will be totally non-allergenic, so we offer the option of the Clifford Biocompatibility Test if you are extremely allergic to materials.           

  • Is knowledgeable in modern techniques of proper mercury Removal.
  • Networks with like-minded professionals to stay current with the latest research.
  • Has the opportunity to attend scientific symposia twice annually.
  • Works in conjunction with physicians knowledgeable in testing for and detoxifying mercury.

We offer safe mercury filling removal using special guideline recommended by IAOMT.  This guidelines drastically reduce mercury exposure during the filling removal process.  Dr. Bandary sees many patients who are concern about the mercury in there silver/mercury fillings, some of there patients come to our office because their health practitioners has recommended, others has come to Dr.Bandary''s office because they are health oriented and want to be preventive in order to stay healthy.

IAOMT member dentists are educated in biological dentistry including techniques for proper removal of mercury fillings.  Member physicians appreciate the importance of biological dentistry in our overall health, and are familiar with mercury detoxification methods.

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