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Dr. Nick Yiannios, DDS

Dr. Nick Yiannios, DDS 3718 S Pinnacle Hills Pkwy
Rogers  AR  72758
Phone: 479-876-8000 Website

Dr. Nick Yiannios is not only a mercury free dentist but is also a mercury SAFE dentist.  A mercury-safe dentist feels that the vapors that mercury fillings emit when they are being REMOVED from the oral cavity demands special attention. Various protocols are in place, including rubber dams and/or elaborate intraoral vacuums (not just the normal hi-volume vacuums that dentists always use) that are designed to whisk away the vapors from not only the patient, but the dental staff as well and other patients in the office as well.  Special dental burs combined with a technique known as chunking is employed to remove the old amalgam as quickly and in as few pieces as possible, thereby preventing overheating and discouraging mercury vapor release. On occasion, a supplemental breathing source may even be provided for the patient.  Some mercury-safe dentist’s may even go as far to recommend nutritional and chelating regimens to help patients purge their bodies of the elemental mercury that may have penetrated their organs and tissues.  A very small percentage of dentists in the U.S. are mercury-safe dentists.

Dr. Nick Yiannios has personally removed thousands of mercury amalgam fillings and as a member of the IAOMT continues to learn the latest techniques and information for keeping you safe whether in the dental chair or in the waiting room.  He uses the latest biocompatible materials to give you a healthy, natural smile using mercury filling alternatives such as composite, ceramic and gold.  

If you are needing to have your silver fillings removed, don't even consider going to a dentist who continues to place mercury fillings or who does not take special precautions to keep you safe during removal.  Call Dr. Yiannios' office today and learn how we can meet your dental needs safely, affordably and naturally.

  • general & restorative dentistry
  • cleanings
  • white fillings and bonding
  • oral cancer screenings
  • air abrasion technology
  • latex-free practice
  • No silver/amalgam/mercury fillings used in practice
  • isolite isolation technology for superior bonding outcomes
  • laser-assisted apthous ulcer treatments
  • extractions
  • dental desensitization
  • sealants
  • professional fluoride treatments
  • professional athletic mouthguards
  • same day porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays
  • professional dental macro photography
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • bridges
  • CAD/CAM dentistry
  • soft tissue laser dentistry
  • root canal therapy
  • dental implant restorations
  • digital bite analysis/T-Scan
  • scaling and root planing procedures
  • periodontal maintenance
  • professional whitening, both in-office ZOOM and take home
  • digital x-rays and imaging
  • and more

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