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Dr. Stanley J Farnum DDS

Dr. Stanley J Farnum DDS 6119 E Grant Rd
Tucson  AZ  85712
Phone: (520) 721-7874 Website


Addressing the Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Mercury is an extremely toxic heavy metal that can cause a myriad of symptoms and damage throughout the body. Amalgam (silver) fillings contain about 51% mercury, in a mixture including silver, copper and tin. There is a great deal of controversy regarding possible mercury exposure from amalgam fillings. Over time, it may be possible that mercury in fillings can be released into the body. While silver fillings are considered acceptable by the ADA, when the time comes to have their silver fillings removed, many people want safe removal procedures used to protect them from mercury exposure. 

Many people seek out Dr. Farnum for his use of safety protocols when removing amalgam fillings. The process of removing amalgam fillings causes mercury to be released as a vapor. Any dentist can remove mercury fillings, but many leave the patient exposed. Dr. Farnum has pursued education and training regarding strict protocols scientifically developed for the patient's protection during the amalgam removal process. He is one of a few IAOMT accredited dentists. He has the training, experience, and equipment for removing mercury amalgam fillings following accepted safety protocols.

Why is mercury amalgam removal protocol vital to my health?

Safety protocol practices protect your health by providing additional protection from toxic particles and vapors. Strict protocol procedures limit patient exposure to mercury vapor and particles, as well as other chemicals during removal of amalgam fillings and other dental practices. Dr. Farnum has pursued continuing education and training on several amalgam removal protocols, including Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Joyal Taylor, and is an IAOMT accredited practitioner

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