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Millenium Dental Associates

Millenium Dental Associates 5705 N. Scottsdale Rd
Bldg D, Ste 110
Scottsdale  AZ  85250
Phone: 480-948-0560 Website

People choose Dr. Meyer for his organic; holistic dental care, skill and judgment. Dr. Meyer's experience & background in advanced general dentistry (i.e. Dental implants & Temporomandibular disorders) and an extraordinary accompanyment of services found in complimentary medicine (ie. Homeopathy & physical medicine) he and his team deliver are unique.

Many patients have located Dr. Meyer from the multiple directories related to areas of chronic pain and dental toxicity. Personal referral and word of mouth is still by far the most common way people locate him. It takes a very well educated ear to listen to patient health concerns. We work closely with patient's physicians when appropriate. Generous time is always allowed in a soothing environment.

We work well with fearful or aprehensive individuals; offering gentle, comfortable and exceptional quality of care. Most of our services are offered in-house under one roof. The practice has the latest technological equipment. Our highly educated, skilled & caring professional support staff is ready to aid you in our environmentally friendly practice.

Philosophically, Dr. Meyer believes in a Holistic Dental approach; allowing individuals to rise to the level of health they seek. Long ago he found that not all people are ready to explore the advantages of modern holistic biological dentistry. There are those who know what they want and those that don’t and those somewhere in-between. Dr. Meyer can help all groups at some level. A cornerstone of Dr. Meyer's Holistic Dental practice is his belief in form following function and the biologic impact materials have on the human body. These two areas above all others are why many people seek his expertise in dentistry.

Mercury Free

One of the most common holistic dental procedures is replacing mercury fillings.  Dr. Meyer and his staff use Direct Filling Materials or Resin Bonded Ceramics.   With our advanced dental technology we can replace your dental fillings, crowns or make repairs the same day.   Centrally located in Arizona, our offices in Scottsdale are close to Paradise Valley and Phoenix.

Mercury Fillings: The ins and the outs

The time honored and lowly “silver” filling is a toxic time bomb. With so much to say, where does one start; perhaps with a little history. In the mid 1800’s the Cracour brothers, dentists from France came to America with a new “filling” material for teeth. It was composed of approximately 50% Mercury, 35% silver, 15% tin and zinc. They came on the scene and found favor with many of the dentists of the time. But some dentists opposed them on the grounds that Mercury should not be used in the body at all! These dentists tried to enforce this by having the members of the National Dental Association sign a pledge that they would not use this vile new mercury containing filling material for teeth. Their numbers were not sufficient however and the adherents to the “new material” won out. They banded together and formed what today the American Dental Association. So it is out of this that the political structure of American dentistry and government exist today. Up until recently the American Dental Association owned several patents on the formulation for the mercury amalgam filling components.

Silver/Mercury fillings are not FDA approved.

Did you know that the mercury fillings placed in the mouth are not even FDA certified? That’s right! It’s not even certified by themselves (the ADA). Hard to imagine. Due to a technicality the Dental Association has gotten around the approval process by saying that since the dentist is the final manufacturer of the material, taking place just prior to placement in the tooth of a patient. The dentist is the responsible party for any problems that arise. It seems strange to me that they certify all of the other admixed products used in a dental office, mixed by the dentist at the time of use, but not the mercury. Go figure.

For information from the American Dental Association about Mercury Fillings go to www.ada.org

Mercury is one of the most neurotoxic elements on the planet. There is no safe level for the body. This means that it is harmful at all doses. Comforting thought isn’t it? The profession for years has taught us that the mercury is bound up in the filling and it does not leak out. Perhaps with the science of the day when it was first used that statement could stand because, there was no way to refute it. Today however, it has been conclusively shown that Mercury leaks out of the filling over time from the moment it is inserted! And where does it go? Well, into your kidney’s, brain, gut. And more.

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