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Who doesn't right?  If you are wondering how to put your ads on the top or the side of Google to show up when local people search for dentists, or if you already have an Adwords campaign but the costs are too high and the results too low, then you have come to the right place.   We manage pay-per-click campaigns for dentists who need new patients.  Google has made its billions by connecting site visitors who need a product or service to advertisers like you.  But how do you get started and should a dentist or dental office manager be spending hours just to learn the basics of pay per click advertising and wasting valuable marketing dollars on simple mistakes?

Why you need us to manage your campaign!

Perry Marshall is an internet marketing guru and the authority on Google Adwords.  In his book "The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords"  Perry explains 

Badly organized ads and keywords will cripple your Google campaigns and cost you a ton of money.  Properly organized campaigns get results from the beginning and are easy to adjust and optimize.  Overtime this makes a huge difference.

How does it work?

You give us a list of keywords that you would like your ads to be connected with.  We create two ads that highlight your services / specialties and when a visitor searches Google for the keywords listed your ads will appear.  You don't have to pay anything unless the visitor clicks on your ad.  Every week we will create one new ad and drop the ad with lower performance.  Over time this optimizes your ads to have the best performance for your keywords and in your geographic region.  Cost per click comes down so your traffic count goes up with the same budget.  

What controls do I have?  I don't want to pay for clicks from visitors all around the globe.

Of course you don't.  Google has made a science out of connecting people with the information and advertisers that best meets their needs.  That is how they became and have stayed the biggest search engine in the world.  Google allows you to specify geographic location.

What if I want to only run ads during office hours?

You can do that.  Google allows you to specify hours and days of the week.  

How much does it cost?  

In our experience costs per click can range from as little as $0.03 on Facebook to as much as $ or $2 on Google.  The less you know the more it costs.  These sites use a form of auction such that advertisers who are willing to pay more for a certain keyword get to the top of the list.  But, since they only get paid when a visitor CLICKS on your ad they give preferential treatment to ads which have higher click through rates (CTR) and better landing pages(the page the visitor 1st sees when he clicks your ad).  

Costs per click depend on many factors but here are a few:

Keyword Competition - If you want your advertisement to be at the top of the list and shown every time you have to pay more OR have a better click through rate and landing page than your competition (which costs a lot less).

Quality Score - Google ranks your landing page on how relative it is to what people are searching for (keywords) and how relative it is to the text in your ad.  If a visitor searches "exercise," your ad reads "Learn how to be healthy" and your landing page is about amalgam fillings but never mentions the word "exercise" or "learn" then your quality score will be low and you will have to bid higher in order to get your ad shown.

CTR - Google would rather show your ad and charge you $0.10 per click if it gets clicked on 50% of the time then show someone else's ad and charge them $1.00 if it gets clicked on 0.05% of the time.  Writing good ads and choosing the right keywords makes Google your friend and lowers cost significantly.  

What about management fees?

We charge a small percentage of the total amount spent to manage your campaign.  Because a properly managed campaign can result in savings of 50% or more per click, our services actually save you money compared to the cost if you manage the ads yourself.   In fact, if you currently have an Adwords campaign running that you are managing in house we guarantee that we can lower the cost per click and take our commission out of the difference.

What if I have a small budget?

Both Google and Facebook allow you to set a daily budget.  Because costs per click come down over time as we hone your ads and keywords we recommend starting with a small budget for the first month ($5 - $10 / day) and then raising it..  Your final budget might be determined by your local population and keywords chosen.  

What kind of tracking do I have after the click?

If you have a Google Analytics account already set up on your website you can see the following statistics specifically for those coming from your pay per click campaign:

Bounce rate - how many used the back button to go back to Google

Time on the site - How long they stayed and how many pages they looked at

It is difficult to know how many people picked up the phone and made a phone call or scheduled an appointment unless a specific offer is made on the landing page (i.e. 50% off first visit with coupon code PPC50).

We are happy to work with you to create a unique page and special offers to help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


Let's Get Started

Don't worry. Whether you have never been through pay per click advertising or if you have had a bad experience in the past we will make this simple and enjoyable.  We won't even use nitrous oxide! 

Enter your information below and we will send you a short questionnaire about your dental practice to help us evaluate how well PPC can serve your needs.  


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