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In order to access the contribution forms you will need to:

1) Complete the registration process on this site and be logged in 

2) Have your profile set to "Author" by the website administrator.  This is normally done within 48 hours of when we receive payment for your directory listing.  If you are logged in and do not see the appropriate forms for posting articles and links then please contact us at and let us know your username along with the doctor's name and the state the practice is in.  

General Note:  The two "Sections" which are available to post in are "For Patients" and "For Dentists."  Please choose "For Patients" unless it is an article geared specifically towards other dentists.

There are several categories under each section.  Please choose the category most appropriate or leave category as "Uncategorized" and we will categorize it for you.

How To:

Post Articles        Suggest a Link         Edit Your Directory Listing

Posting Articles

First, Choose "Post Articles" from the "For Dentists" drop down menu.

If steps 1 and 2 above were completed you should now see a form similar to the one in the picture below.  Follow the tips on the left in the image and hit "Save"  After saving you will be taken to the Home page of the site.  Your article will not be immediately visible.  We will review the article and publish it promptly.  

Note:  Please be careful to give credit to all authors if the content is not original.  If this is done in the field "Author Alias" the entire article will be shown as if contributed by them.




 To embed an object, such as a video hosted at you tube, click on the "Source" button below the title field.  Then Cut and Paste the "embed" code into the large box and click save.  























Suggest a Link

First, choose "Suggest A Link" from the "For Dentists" drop down menu. 

If steps 1 and 2 at the top of this page were completed you should see a form like the one shown below.  Fill out the name, URL, and description fields and choose a category then hit save.  You will be taken to the home page.   Your link will not be immediately visible.  We will receive an e-mail notification and review your submission promptly.





















Edit Your Listing

You can edit your directory listing at anytime.  

1)  Log in

2) Find your listing via searching by zip code or clicking on your state name on the home page

3) Open your listing in the profile view and scroll to the bottom

4)  Click on the "Edit" button below the map


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